About Michelle Alleva

Michelle Alleva lives in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys line dancing, writing, karaoke, connecting with nature, and photography. Michelle reconciled with her womanhood at the end of 2020 after identifying as transgender for ten years.

Transition and Detransition Video Timeline



No Way Back: The Reality of Gender-Affirming Care
(formerly “Affirmation Generation”)

Podcasts / Video Interviews

Transparency (Nov 7, 2021)

Calmversations (May 5, 2022)

Some Kind of Therapist (Jul 18, 2022) (recorded Dec 2021)

Transition Radio Show (Aug 14, 2022)

Note: Many detransition interviews with TRS seem to have been taken down. I do not recommend appearing on this podcast. The hosts have a years-long history of repeatedly "switching sides" and becoming hostile towards the side they've just left, which is how they behaved towards the detransitioners who generously gave them our time and shared our personal stories with them. The interview itself, if it ever resurfaces, was fine for what it is.

Is It Culty? Part 1 (Oct 16, 2022)

Is It Culty? Part 2 (Oct 18, 2022)

Is It Culty? Part 3 (Oct 26, 2022)

Calmversations (Nov 21, 2022)

Venus Rising (Feb 28, 2023) (recorded Sep 2022)

Chatting with Carol re: Sexual Disorientation (Aug 16, 2023)

Just Chatting (with Ritchie) (Nov 11, 2023)

Chatting with Carol re: “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” (Apr 9, 2024)


Detrans Awareness Day 2022 (Mar 12, 2022)

Genspect College Symposium (Apr 8, 2022)

In-Person Events

University of Notre Dame (Oct 13, 2022) for Students for Child-Oriented Policy

Columbia University (Nov 1, 2022) for Columbia University College Republicans

Genspect: The Bigger Picture Killarney (Apr 27, 2023) Detransition Panel

Genspect: The Bigger Picture Denver (Nov 4, 2023) Short interview


Note: There were about a dozen articles that reposted information regarding my lawsuit in February 2023. I am only including articles where I spoke to the journalist involved. I stopped taking interviews very shortly afterwards.

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